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Brazelia Med Spa

As one of South Florida’s leading medical spas since 2007, Brazelia Med Spa is your entire family’s one stop comprehensive medical and aesthetic facility with a highly advanced and synergistic blend of traditional and holistic modalities. In a specially designed tranquil and welcoming environment, physicians and practitioners of diverse healing traditions and modalities focus on patient-centered care to optimize health and spa services. Our mission at Brazelia Med Spa is to bring your entire family’s health to an optimal and harmonious balance. Nestled in the upscale and vibrant Royal Palm Place  development in beautiful Boca Raton, Florida. 


Popular Procedures

saline solution in vignette style

IV Nutrition Therapy 

Intravenous nutrition provides the most superior and effective delivery of nutrients and vitamins infused directly into the bloodstream. By delivering high concentrations that simply cannot be achieved by taking nutrients orally, IV therapy provides the most immediate and beneficial results available and can be fully customized based on patient needs.contactus

saline solution in vignette style

Botox/Dysport and Dermal Fillers

Treat moderate to severe wrinkles safely, simply and without surgery to achieve the youthful beauty you want. Dermal fillers diminish the look of wrinkles and scars, enhance lips and replaces volume loss.contactus

Weight Management

Take ever-lasting control of your weight with one of our medically advanced and individualized weight management programs. Each specifically tailored to fit your body, your lifestyle and your goals. contactus

Hormone Replacement Therapy

By balancing and optimizing hormone levels, patients report an increase in lean muscle mass, decrease in body fat, greater energy and overall zest for life, sharper thinking and memory, and greater sexual desire and performance.


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