3 Tips for Healthy Weight Loss in Boca Raton

28 Aug 2015
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Nearly half of Americans aren’t happy with their current weight[1]. If you find yourself in that statistic, then it is time to make a change! Here are 3 tips for healthy weight loss here in South Florida. Drink Water Did you know that being well-hydrated can curb hunger and boost metabolism by up to 3 percent[2]? Getting enough water can be extremely beneficial when it comes to losing weight—it regulates how much you eat and helps your kidneys work properly[3]. Swapping water for sugar drinks like soda and juice can also cut out unnecessary calories from your diet. Although the standard used to be 8 cups a day, today it.

Brazelia Med Spa End of Summer Specials

21 Aug 2015
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The summer is ending but there is still time to look good and feel even better! We are pleased to offer specials for aesthetic services, weight loss programs, massage services, and hormone replacement therapy. Call 561-353-2265 to schedule your appointment today!  

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